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Integrated Marketing Communications Services

Strategic Marketing

Process Management

Results Examples:

American Prairie Packaging

American Prairie Packaging and Product Line Launch

Sales 50% above projections

Sumitube Sample Kit

Sumitube Sample Kit

Redefined brand in a commodity market

HCM Capabilities

Hampel Creative Marketing Capabilities Sheet (PDF)

One page source to improving your bottom line

Integrated marketing communications increases revenue and controls costs

HCM Services Graphic

Marketing & Communications Services

Hampel Creative Marketing offers custom marketing solutions to identify, anticipate, and satisfy customer requirements profitably. Amy Hampel has over 25 years of marketing experience in the technology, services, telecommunications, education, manufacturing, and non-profit industries. Her emphasis on building cost-effective communications with customers has produced consistent return on investment for her clients. Satisfied customers increase revenue and profits. Good reasons for integrated marketing.

Process Management for Communications

Amy has developed process management tools and methodologies that bring greater focus to customer needs. At the same time, these processes control costs for marketing and communications. Workflow redesign and measurement, staff talent evaluation, customer interaction coaching, and vendor qualification services have consistently produced 20%--60% cost savings per project. Better response for less money.

Hampel Creative Marketing can help your teams produce better results--profitably.