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Amy Hampel, Principal

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Great Results, Expert, Creative

ĜAmy is first and foremost a "creative" genius in her field whose attention to detail makes her a valuable asset to any business.

I have known Amy both academically and professionally for a number of years and can attest to her expertise as a thought leader whose clients' requests are not only "heard" but responded to with empathy and collaborative exchange.

She asks thought-provoking questions and helps her clients think outside the box while respecting the confines of their business models.

Her deliverables are some of the best in a variety of industries.ĝ

Acey Lampe, Marketing Management, Hallmark Cards

Process management plus integrated marketing communications build your brand and business

Process Plus Marketing Equals Revenue

Marketing & Process Management Services

Experience. Results. Customer Focus. Hampel Creative Marketing Services provides expertise, perspective, and new ideas to increase customer responseĔprofitably

Building businesses through relationships is effective, but limited. How many opportunities are you missing because you only have so much time for networking? Integrated marketing communications, strategically designed for your business, and efficiently implemented, expands your opportunities for potential partnerships with other companies, new clients, and additional markets. Extend your company's reach through a custom, integrated marketing program. Find more opportunities to build your businessĔin any market.

Hampel Creative Marketing can help your teams produce better resultsĔprofitably.