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Integrated Marketing Communications Services

Strategic Marketing

Process Management

Marketing Results:

TheLFB Website

TheLFB Currency Trading Website

Branding refinements improved readability

Applied website analytics increased advertising revenue

Foremost Plow Bolt Promotions

Foremost Plow Bolt Promotion Project Sheet (PDF)

One promotional piece plus two marketing channels equals industry response

Consistent messaging across marketing channels builds your business

Consistent messaging builds business

Hampel Creative Strategic Marketing can help you answer the following questions:

Who are your key customers? Knowing who they are is crucial to your business. As markets change, reevaluating your key customer list can keep your company ahead of its competitors.

What products and services are most interesting to them? Offering products and services relevant to your customer's needs now, and going forward, increases retention and reduces acquisition costs.

How can you best approach key customers to improve response? Every industry is different, but the goal is universal--move the customer to Yes! The right messaging in the right combination of channels makes it difficult not to say yes.

Online Presence

49% of buying decisions are made online. Can your website be found?

Are you using website analytics to build your brand and customer base?

Which customer communications are right for you: social, email, blogs?

External Relations

Do you have a working public relations plan?

When was the last time your company received any press?

What is your company's perceived reputation in the community?


Are your promotional channels producing measurable results?

Is the customer information you are capturing useful?

Are you acquiring your desired customers?

Hampel Creative Marketing provides your company with an implementable strategy to acquire and retain your key customers.