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Integrated Marketing Communications Services

Strategic Marketing

Process Management

Process Results:

Wright State University Redesign

Wright State University Marketing Workflow Redesign

Reduced workflow steps from 64 to 19

Customer input points reduced rework and maintained timelines

New workflow facilitated Aprimo project management software implementation

Process Influences Customers

Process Influences Customers Project Sheet (PDF)

Process improvement can positively impact your brand and business in multiple ways

Professional, Innovative

"Amy set the standard for professionalism in an environment that required working across diverse departments, with a wide variety of key stakeholders, on extremely tight deadlines.

She was a strong advocate for new and innovative technologies that would help convey a message or reach an audience.

Amy combined a deft grasp of graphic style with a firm hand for project management."

Peter Griggs, Owner, P. Griggs Graphic Design

Efficient processes drive customer satisfaction and build brands

HCM Process Management Services

Hampel Creative Process Management Methodologies are customized to your company requirements

Build your communications with the customer in mind. Everyone says this. HCM has the tools and experience to help you build an implementable process to connect with your customers--for measurable returns.

Update your processes to leverage current technologies. Software, hardware, and staffing can change frequently. A clear, established process can bring new talent up-to-speed quickly--making their skills the focus.

Establish company and vendor standards to meet expectations and timelines. Clear expectations for staff and vendors means less administration time, and predictable results--every time.

Creative Services

Is your concept understandable and effective?

Are your creative measurement goals achievable and profitable?

Is your creative staff satisfied and motivated?

Are you helping your creatives build the team capabilities?

Marketing Workflow

When was the last time you actually analyzed your development process?

Has your production process kept pace with your product and/or service offerings?

Has your workflow changed to keep pace with technology?

Is your staff working around established processes just to get work done?

Standards Development

Do you have current, documented operating procedures?

Are your project management measurement protocols easy to use?

How do you qualify, and measure, your vendor performance?

Hampel Creative Marketing's Process Management methodologies consistently realize 20%60% cost reduction.